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Video Games

My Fair Planet

Honorable Mention at IndieCade's 2020 Climate Jam.

Music, Sound Design, and Implementation by me.

Keep the Earth alive by vaccuuming up pollution, destroying toxic factories, and controlling nuclear waste.

Download the current build for the game on

Icebears Care

Audience faovirte at 2019's "Games For Our Future Game Jam: Creating a Green Tomorrow."
Save the polar bears and humans: keep the iceberg pieces from floating away by shooting them back in place with a giant stapler!
Music and sound design by me.

Download the current build for the game on


Aquatic Attack

The soundtrack to a game made for July 2019's Mini Jam. Defend your atlantean home from menacing cyber sharks that laugh at your feeble attempts at heroism!

Game yet to be completed.


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